Vegan Biscuit List

If you fancy a vegan biscuit or two then this list should get you started. Companies sometimes change their ingredients so as always, please check the labels. I am in the UK so a lot of my listed vegan products will only be available here. It is very easy to contact your local supermarkets' headquarters and request a vegan product list which they will send to you. Also, some vegans do not consider refined sugar to be vegan so if this is a concern, opt for unrefined sugar in the ingredients list.

Against The Grain

Almond Cookies
Berry Delicious Cookies
Organic Choc Chip Hazelnut Cookies
Ginger Crunchies
Fruity Oat Digestives
Hazelnut Orange Cookies
Organic Lemon Cookies


Melba Toast
Water Biscuits
Good For You Rye Crispbreads
Ginger Nuts
Morning Coffee Biscuits
Rich Tea Biscuits
Rich Tea Fingers
Free From 9 Chocolate Chip Cookies
Smartprice Bourbon Creams
Smartprice Fruit Shortie
Smartprice Ginger Nuts
Smartprice Rich Tea

Billys Farm

Coconut And Lemon Cookies
Kamut Cinnamon Cookies
Muesli Cookies
Oat Hazelnut And Orange Cookies
Raisin Cookies
Raisin Filled Cookies
Spelt Apple And Cranberry Cookies
Spelt Ginger And Walnut Cookies
Spelt Sesame Cookies
Spelt Speculoos
Spiced Wholemeal Cookies
Wholemeal Almond Cookies
Wholemeal Cardamon Cookies
Wholemeal Cookies


Simply Value Ginger Nut Biscuits
Digestive Biscuits
Morning Coffee Biscuits
Rich Tea Finger Biscuits
Cream Crackers
High Bake Water Biscuits
Melba Toast


Ginger Nuts
Morning Coffee

Doves Farm

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Double Chocolate Cookies
Ginger And Brazil Nut Cookies
Hazelnut Cookies
Lemon Zest Cookies
Organic Digestive Biscuits
Organic Fruity Oat Biscuits


Cream Crackers
Cream Crackers Light
High Bake Water Biscuits
High Fibre Cream Crackers
Lemon Puffs
Cornish Wafer
Oat Crackers
Table Crackers
Salt And Cracked Black Pepper Bakes
Rosemary And Sea Salt Thins
Sesame And Roasted Onion Thins
Sweet Chilli Thins


Butter Puffs
Ginger Nuts


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Coconut Cookies
Cranberry And Orange Cookies
Double Chocolate Cookies
Oatmeal And Raisin Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies
Sunflower Cookies

RJ Foods

Apple & Apricot Flapjack
Cherry & Coconut Flapjack
Cherry & Sultana Flapjack
Date & Walnut Flapjack
Fig Flapjack
Fruit Flapjack
Fruit & Nut Flapjack
Plain/Original Flapjack
Raspberry Flapjack
Raisin & Rum Flapjack


Morning Coffee
Rich Tea Fingers
Melba Toast
So Organic Pumpkin And Sunflower Seed Oatcakes
Be Good To Yourself Paprika Flavour Soya And Potato Snacks
Cream Crackers

Trader Joes

Mini Cafe Twist Cookies
Organic Animal crackers
Organic Pops


Rich Tea Fingers
Morning Coffee
Bourbon creams
Organic Gingernut
Ginger Nut


Homemade Lemonaide

Maple Syrup Bottle

Sqeeze some fresh lemon or/and lime juice into a glass - add top grade Maple syrup (the darker, the better it tastes). Top with either still or sparkling water to make yourself some fresh lemon/lime aid without harmful chemicals!

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Very handy for this time of year: UK USA.